Coaching – Empowering the Best

Managers are quite often lone fighters. They may miss sometimes the sharing with same level managers. There are subjects they do not find contact persons in their company. Some of it is no matter of discussion with colleagues. If there are difficulties to come up they should look for professional support. Sharing problems with anovis leads to a clear view and success.

The Process of Coaching

  • Together with you we analyse the situation and define the targets.
  • You get an entire coaching szenario with a step-by-step roadmap.
  • We list the involved individuals together with you.
  • In coaching sessions we elaborate focused on targets the aspects of your behaviour regarding specific issues in your everyday working process.
    We document all insights.
  • In follow-up sessions we sustain the effectiveness of our coaching.

Advantages of Coaching by anovis

  • Real solutions of problems – no fake case studies.
  • We are your dedicated sparring partner.
  • Reflecting strategies and tactics leads to valuable insights and empowers you.
  • Competence and experience of anovis coaches guarantee your success.
  • Even after the conclusion of a coaching process we will always be available for you.

People are the key to success – The good ones find a way. The best get themselves coached!