Assessment – Selection and Evaluation of Potential

“To assess” means to us appraising individuals and situations. Finding the right ones is a kind of an art, but mostly a craft that has to be learnt and practised very well. As far as we are concerned the key question is: “Can this person fulfill the profile and succeed?”

Therefore we rely on an assessment toolbox we create to meet your requirements. Using various standard tools an individuals personality gets profoundly analysed and determined. Different tools are deliberately used in consideration to the complexity of the personality. We orientate ourselves towards DIN 33430 as a process and quality standard.

The Process of an Assessment

  • We set up a one-day individual assessment, in some cases with two assessors (a man and a woman), in German, French, Italian or English.
  • As a candidate you fill out questionnaires (and solve case studies).
  • We evaluate the answers, set up case studies and verify the CV.
  • All candidates are given personal, neutral feedback with an appraisal of skills and information on a career development.
  • We request for references.
  • As our client, you receive a written report and individual support during the initiation.

Advantages of the Assessmen by anovis

  • We study your competency model and work with proven standard methods.
  • You receive a customised job description or job specification.
  • You are given maximum support in evualuating key positions.
  • We strengthen your decisions!

People are the key to success – we evaluate the right ones!